Welcome to FallenTech-PE Store!

Here you can donate for Server ranks and In-Game Money. All donations go towards the cost of running the server and to help bring new features to the server. Please take your time to read the terms and conditions provided before making any donations.

Member is not a Premium rank.

Buy CounterTechs Ranks from this link!

IP: Countertech.tk Port: 19132

Buy Fallentech Factions GOLD Ranks from this link!

IP: Fallentech.tk Port: 19137

Buy Fallentech SkyBlock Ranks from this link!

IP: Fallentech.tk Port: 19134

Buy Fallentech KitPvP Ranks from this link!

IP: Fallentech.tk Port: 19135


  • When entering your username, make sure it is Case-Sensitive and is the one you wanna purchase the rank for!


  • Purchasing via an ECheck can take upto 7-8 days to process payments, so don't panic. Payments through Paypal direct are instant.

Top Donator

  • Being the Top donator of the month increases your chances to become a Staff member of the FallenTech Network!


  • Get your account banned forever with ip too if you ask for a chargeback! and you won't get a refund. Chargeback ban is permanent, you can't buy unban package for it, won't work.

Password Reset


  1. Forums: Forums.fallentech.io
  2. Email: infernusmcpe@gmail.com
  3. Twitter: @RealFallenTech
  4. Discord: Infernus#9511